Sunday, 28 September 2014

Getting fit and healthy!

So this is a different kind of post today but I thought I would share it with you anyway. So before I went on my holiday in June I was eating really healthy and exercising loads and was really motivated and I lost a stone which I was so happy about and then when I came back my motivation had just disappeared. Over the last few months I've been trying to get that motivation back but it just has not been happening and now I've put that stone back on and maybe even a little more! So I've finally decided that I'm going to make myself be motivated because I don't feel myself and when I was exercising and eating healthy I felt a lot better in myself. 
So the main reason I'm going to remotivate myself to do this is because I want to lose the weight I have put back on and I want to be healthy aswell. I read something somewhere I can't remember where but it was something like every time you eat you are either fighting disease or feeding disease and that shocked me because when you think about it it's true! Also, I realise I can't just start this to lose weight then go back to how I am, I obviously need to maintain it and I think once I get back into it and seeing results and feeling better I will!

So to start this I like to have something where you can track goals and progress and I used to have the Myfitness pal app on my phone but I recently found a new app called My Plate and you input all of your details and it comes up with a calorie allowance that you should stick to to reach your goals. It's very similar to Myfitness pal but I like trying new things so I thought I would give it a go. You can record everything you eat in a day and what exercise you do and then it works out how many calories you've eaten. I know some people don't like calorie counting but I like these sorts of apps and I do think they help me. Best bit is it's only 99p for the full version- bargain! 
So that's how I will keep track of the foods I'm eating and if you have any healthy recipe ideas I would love for you to share them in the comments so I can try a few new things!
On to exercise! Now I love exercising once I'm doing it and once I've done it but it's actually motivating myself to do it that's the hard bit! Does anyone else find this haha?! I am joined up to a gym and I do pole fitness aswell but I just need to use these together like I did before my holiday! So whenever I have a day off I've promised myself I have to do one or the other haha! So obviously pole fitness is amazing for your body but some people think of it as quite controversial. I don't, it's so much fun for both boys and girls and you learn how to do some amazing things and at the same time increase your body strength, get toned and have fun! I love it and in Newcastle I go to Northern Pole Dance where they are amazing. They teach you how to complete all the moves properly and safely and each month you get to take part in routine week where you learn routines including the moves you've learnt. I would recommend trying this if you don't like traditional gym workouts. Another thing I used to do before I went on holiday was yoga. I didn't join a class I just searched on YouTube and found the 30 day yoga challenge. I really got into it and thinking about it now I wish I had stuck at it! Better late than never though and I am going to get back into it. I think yoga is great for toning up and improving your flexibility. 
So I thought I would just share this with you as I know this is a very popular subject and I thought I would just let you know how I used to keep fit and this is what I will be starting again haha as from today! Let me know what forms of exercise you like to do and if you have tried any of the ones I've mentioned :).
Much love,
Lucy x

Friday, 26 September 2014

Face Mask Friday- SkinPep Brightening Enzyme and Acid Peel

Hello again!
First of all I just want to say that I'm sorry that I haven't been posting as much this week as usual just had a lot on recently but I promise I'm going to try and get back blogging regularly. So it's Friday again (these weeks are flying by!) so I thought I would try this sample that I got in my Glossybox. This isn't a traditional face mask but you can leave it on like you would with a face mask so that's how I've used it haha. But you can use it as an exfoliater too, by just rubbing it all over a damp face and then rinsing off after 1-2 minutes.
So as you can see I've got a few little blemishes this week although not too sure why but at least it's only a couple!

With this peel you can use it twice a week and it promises to remove dead skin and leave you with soft, clear, bright, moisturised and hydrated skin! That's a lot to promise! 
So when I opened this it was just a clear liquid fairly standard looking and was easy to apply and wasn't too thick. I wanted to use this as a mask so I left it on for about 8 minutes. So when I first put it on it started stinging slightly and then the longer I keep it on for my face got super itchy. Now I do have sensitive skin so for any of you have sensitive skin I do not recommend this, my face was really sore after using this. Now the company do recommend that you do a patch test before using this but I was too impatient but I wish I had now as my skin is sore (my own fault haha).  So anyways while this was on it didn't feel tight as it was drying and I thought that once it was dry you had to peel it off but that wasn't the case. Once it had dried you then re-activate it with water and rub it in circular motions and then rinse it off.

So my skin did feel nice and soft once this mask came off and my skin did look exceptionally bright and clean. However, I spend a lot of the day making sure that I don't look oily but once this was off due to the fact it is 'brightening' my skin was so shiny, like a glitter ball not even exaggerating (well maybe a little haha). I did not enjoy that as I looked super oily yet to touch I wasn't oily at all, so if you like dewy looking skin this would probably be a good product for you to try.
So you can by this here, you can get a 3.5 ml sachet which is what I used for £3.99 or you can get different amounts in tubes for different prices. I did get mine in my Glossybox though. So overall, I wouldn't try this again as my skin is just far too sensitive for this product so I can't judge it fairly. It has irritated my skin but if you don't have super sensitive skin and like dewy looking skin you should try this!
Let me know if you have tried this and what you thought of it.
Much love,
Lucy x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Glossybox September Issue

So not only have I subscribed to the Love ME Beauty box but I also signed up to Glossybox. This one is the same price as the Love ME Beauty box, £10, and you get 5/6 beauty products.
I was so excited when this got delivered. This was packaged so beautifully as you can see and I was so surprised at the quality of the packaging as well considering it was only £10! So in this box you get a couple of information letters, some just telling you about Glossybox and there is also one telling you about all the products you get in your box.
So the products I received in this box were: ModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel, L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil, SkinPep  Enzyme and Acid Peel and Peeling Gel, SkinPep Dark circle Eraser, Nails Inc Westminister Bridge Matte Top Coat and GOSH Cosmetics Silky Cream Blusher. I was quite excited when I saw what I had got because I had never tried any of these products before and most of the brands I hadn't tried before- that's one of the main reasons why I love getting these boxes as you end up trying brands and products that you may never have tried otherwise :).

So this was one of the full size products I received in the box and instantly you feel as though you get your money's worth as this one product is more expensive than the whole box itself! I am so excited to use this- I have been wanting to try a brow gel for a while now but I have just been putting off buying one, I don't need to now though! This is meant to give the appearance of fuller and thicker brows and it obviously goes on wet but dries once on. It's also meant to be long lasting which I think all brow products should be, haha nobody wants their brows coming off half way through the day!

So this isn't a full size product but I still think you get a fair amount of this to try. This would normally cost £15.95 but obviously you would get more product than this for that price you can get it for cheaper at some other beauty sites such as feel unique which I have linked the title above to. I like using oils on my hair as I think if used right they can give your hair a really lovely shine. This is meant to be light weight and can be used on all hair types. The recommended way to use this they suggest is before drying your hair and to apply to the ends and not the roots. If you end up putting any sort of oil on your roots it ends up making your hair really greasy looking which isn't great.

So obviously this is just a sample size but I thought it was really nice that they give you two samples of this. I got a shock when I saw the price of this product when you buy it full size. I had never heard of this brand before but Glossybox describes it as 'Innovative skincare'. I'm really excited to use this as I'm into peeling products at the moment haha and this one has pineapple and papaya extracts in it so I'm guessing it will smell lovely and it is meant to gently exfoliate your skin making it softer and brighter. I'm thinking of maybe doing this for Face Mask Friday this week..... what do you think?

This is another high priced product but I think where skincare is concerned, if it works it's worth the money! At the moment I have started getting really dark under eyes and I don't really know what's causing it maybe lack of sleep although I normally get 7 hours ish, who knows. Anyway I'm hoping this will sort out my under eyes as it is meant to boost collagen under your eyes and it uses anti- oxidants to help it do this. I will definitely let you know how this fairs against my dark circles :).

Nails Inc Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat £12

This is another full sized product and I am so shocked that I received this as Nails Inc is such a popular brand! This is a matte topcoat so you can use it over any nail varnish to make it have a matte effect. I'm still quite new to the whole matte nail trend, I have tried matte nail products before but I am still getting used to it- sometimes I really like how it looks and other times I'm not as sure. I'm excited to use this though. It does say that this top coat gives you two different effects when used but it doesn't say what these two different effects are so I'm very intrigued.

GOSH Cosmetics Silky Cream Blusher £6.99

So this is yet another full sized product and GOSH is sold in Superdrug however I couldn't find this online. When I first saw this I was initially quite shocked at the colour. I thought straight away I will definitely not use this product as it looks bright orange- the name of this shade is Tropical Breeze. I haven't ever tried a cream blush before and the colour of this looked scary but I thought I would swatch this to see if it looked any different on skin. I am so glad that I swatched this and gave this a try because once it is on the skin it blends to a really nice colour that isn't too orange and is quite a natural colour. This feels really nice and smooth too, I am going to try this so I'm hoping that I can get it to look nice on my face.

I am really enjoying getting all of these new products in these boxes, I think they are such a good idea and the main thing I love is trying out all of the new brands. If any of you would like a more in depth review of any of these products let me know in the comments below and I will get that up for you :). Also if any of you have signed up to Glossybox what are your thoughts on it?
Much love,
Lucy x

Monday, 22 September 2014

First Impression- L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water

So I finally ran out of my Body Shop's Silky Cleansing Oil and I was so tempted to just go back and buy it again because I loved it so much but I stopped myself and convinced myself to try something new again. I've tried Garnier's Micellar Water and I have to say I really liked it so I thought I would give this L'Oreal one a go.
Straight off I have to say I may have found new favourite, however, I have only tried it for the first time tonight but I am VERY impressed! So I bought this in Superdrug (surprised it wasn't Boots :)) and they had some sort of offer on this as it was only £2.48- such a bargain. It is part of the Skin Perfection range which includes so many different skincare products in it. In this range all of the packaging is very simple but doesn't look cheap- I do enjoy this packaging! So this promises to dissolve your make up, purify and unclog your pores and tone and soothe your skin. You can use this on your face, eyes and lips and it is meant to be suitable for sensitive skin. I applied this to a cotton wool round pad and just wiped it all over my face. It definitely removed all of my face make up with ease and it did not take much to do so. I then went onto my eyes. As I have said before I have very sensitive eyes even products that promise will not sting your eyes still sting my eyes, they are that sensitive! When I first put this onto my eye I was so surprised that it wasn't stinging my eye at all. However, the only bad thing about this product is that is did slightly sting my eyes the more times I took it over my eyelid to remove all of my eye make up. However, this was only mild, it was bearable and is no where near to any stinging I have experienced before so I can definitely live with it. There is a eye make up remover in this range though so I might give that a go and use it in conjunction with this. I have to say once I had used it I thought it was okay but it was when I looked at my skin closely I was amazed! The first thing I noticed was how clean my pores looked! I know this sounds stupid but I had never noticed my pores being that clean in such a long time. I also noticed that my face wasn't as red and inflamed as it sometimes can be when taking my make up off. My face also felt sooo soft and smooth.
I can definitely say this could be my new favourite as long as it doesn't break me out! Let me know if any of you have tried this and what your thoughts on this are? I also just want to say a quick thank you to any of you that voted for me on the Travel Hacks Competition :).
Much love,
Lucy x

Friday, 19 September 2014

Face Mask Friday- No7 Energising Mask

So here it is again Face Mask Friday! I'm on a roll at the moment with posting :). So this week I decided to review this mask that I got in a set at Christmas time. I totally forgot that I had it and was tidying up and came across it. I haven't used it before so I was excited to try this.
This mask is another peel off mask and is meant to give you radiant skin once you have used it. It's for all skin types and you know how problematic my skin can be but No7 has never broken me out before so I was fairly confident when using this that my skin wouldn't break out tomorrow.

So this is my skin with the mask on. As you can see I have a few blemishes but overall not too bad. So as you can see the mask is clear once on. It's quite thick when putting it on but I think because of that it's easy to spread evenly across your face. You also don't need lots of product as a little bit of this goes a long way. This mask is the quickest mask I have used, your only meant to keep this on for 10 minutes. I have to say compared to the Superdrug peel off face mask, this one didn't dry so tightly if that makes sense. With the other one I didn't feel like I could move my face once it was dry but with this one at 10 minutes I felt like I still had quite a lot of movement in my face.

So after 10 minutes it was time to peel this off. This mask was initially so hard to try and peel off, especially compared to the Superdrug one. It took me a while to try and find where to peel it off and then when I did start peeling it off, it didn't all peel off together it came off in lots of different pieces. So initially I was quite disappointed with this because with the Superdrug peel off mask although it didn't peel off all in one go, it didn't take as many attempts as this one. However, once taking it off I have to say I'm pretty amazed with the results. First of all my skin feels super soft now, probably the softest it's felt after any mask I've tried! Also, I noticed once I had taken it off, my pores looked super clean and unclogged. This product isn't meant to unclog pores but it definitely unclogged mine! My little blemishes that I had definitely seemed less red to me so hopefully will be gone or at least smaller in the morning. I can't say I see any added radiance but my skin is definitely better now than before I had the mask on! For how soft my skin feels, I will be definitely using this mask again!

So you can buy the No7 range in Boots and this mask is £12.50 to buy the normal size product. I don't think that is too bad considering how good your skin feels and looks once using this so maybe if you fancy pampering yourself you should try this mask! Also you can use it once or twice a week so I definitely think you would get your money's worth out of this as a little goes a long way.
So I'm probably only going to do another month of these reviews so another 3 masks after this one. So if there are any masks that you would like me to review please let me know in the comments and I'll get back to you. Also if you have tried this mask let me know your thoughts on it :).
Much love, 
Lucy x

What Beauty Products To Pack

So if your one of the lucky people who still have a holiday coming up or you have a winter holiday (I'm so jealous haha) I thought I would do a post helping you decide what beauty products to pack whatever your budget! I've  numbered the products below so on the photo above I've just went clockwise when describing each product. I've also entered this photo into a Travel Hacks competition which you can vote for- I would love for you to vote for me, voting ends tomorrow! I'll leave the link below :).

Big Spender 
1) Riemann P20 Sunfilter 100ml SPF30 £13.29 (Superdrug) 
I absolutely love this! I have used this for years and think it definitely does keep you protected. This comes in different factors too so you can choose what SPF you want. I personally have to use the factor 50 as my skin is super sensitive and burns really easy but I know a lot of people just use 30. This is a bit more expensive but it feels nice when you put it on, you don't get that greasy residue and it does last for quite a long time. I've never ran out of a bottle of this whilst I've been on holiday and I've put it on multiple times in one day. This also has such a nice smell to it and every time I smell it reminds me of holidays :).

2) Clinique After Sun Rescue with Aloe £20 (
I didn't ever think that I needed After Sun and it was only until my last couple of holidays where I've burnt because I've worn the wrong factor that I've realised how soothing After Sun can be. Obviously it's really beneficial for you skin even when you don't burn as it moisturises it after it being in the sun all day. What I like about this one is that all skin types can use it and it is oil free. I personally don't like using oils on my body as I really don't like that greasy feeling you get so this is perfect as it won't leave you feeling like that. You can also use this on your face as well as your body so I definitely think it's worth £20 as you can use it all over. 

3) The Body Shop Silky Cleansing Oil £10 (The Body Shop)
I've raved about this before I absolutely love this. It removes every bit of make up without having to use much at all. It feels super soft in your skin and I used it on my eyes and it did not sting at all which is amazing as even other products that you can use on your eyes normally sting mine but this doesn't at all! It's suitable for all skin types and I have to say a lot of skincare products can break me out but my skin was totally fine with this. Obviously on holiday you probably won't be wearing much make up but I still think this is worth taking. I cannot say how good this oil is!

4)Shiseido Sun Protection Spray SPF 15 Oil Free 150 ml £23.50 (John Lewis)
Now I know I've already mentioned sun protection but the great thing about this one is that you can use it on your hair. I would never be able to use this on my body as  that SPF is far too low for my skin but I think it's a great product to use on your hair. My hair is quite dry anyways and at the ends it's really dry so when I'm in the sun it just makes it 10 times worse. A lot of people forget about their hair on holiday but the sun can damage it to so it just makes sense to me to use something that will protect it. This product is great as it's oil free so won't make your hair look greasy and it's in a spray form which makes it so convenient and easy to use! Also you can use it on you face and body too so if you can use SPF 15 this would be a great product to buy as your totally covered then! 

5) Hugo Boss Orange Woman Shower Gel 200ml £18 (Debenhams)
Now if you love the smell of Hugo Boss Orange perfume, you will love this! This smells exactly like the perfume! This scent is one of my favourites and I normally always get a bottle for Christmas. I absolutely love it. It lathers up really nicely and it lasts for so long. A lot of people will argue that shower gels are all the same and they do the same thing but I think it's always nice to treat yourself when your going on holiday as you want to feel nice (well I do anyways) and this shower gel always makes me feel pampered! Plus you might be able to get it cheaper in duty free haha!

6) Coconut Deodorant Powder (Lush)
So when looking for a price for all you lovely people I have just found out that Lush have discontinued this :(! Absolutely gutted, the smell of this was like holiday in a tub and it found that because it was a powder it kept me quite dry throughout the day. It did say on Lush's Facebook that they would sell any remaining ones and then once they were gone they were gone so it might be worth popping into your local Lush store to see if they had any left if you did want to try it out. Lush also do other deodorant powders ranging from £5.95-£6.25 I couldn't comment on those because I haven't used them though sorry! 

7) Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Repair Lip Balm £15 (John Lewis)
I get the driest chapped lips whenever I'm somewhere really hot, it's so annoying so I always like to make sure I use a lip balm that keeps them really moisturised. This product keeps them super soft and really moisturised. It includes: fatty acids, Shea butter, honey extract and Arnica oil! I find that it's really not greasy on my lips which I love and that it's long wearing on my lips which I like too seeing as it is on the pricey side. Again I love how this is packaged haha and it has a really lovely scent to it. A must if you suffer with really dry, chapped lips!

Bargain Hunter
1) Soltan Adult Dry Touch Spray SPF30 200ml £12 (Boots)
I much prefer sun protection sprays rather than creams I just like the feel, they feel more light weight and not as greasy. This one is so light weight and is sand and water resistant. I felt like sand still stuck to it but I put it on then went straight onto sand so I should have let it dry haha too impatient. This also offers 5* UVA protection which is also a great benefit. 

2) Simple Sun Sensitive Aftersun Lotion £3.95 (
This is such a bargain! It's so light weight and absorbs into your skin quite easily. I found it took a little longer to absorb than the Clinique one but it did absorb rather fast. This is a really good product for those who have sensitive skin as it contain Aloe so is very soothing and calming. I really like this product and I love the price! 

3) Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml £3.33 (Boots)
This is another one of my favourite cleansers. It's so light weight and does take all of your face make up off. I find it takes most of your eye make up off too but it takes quite a lot to do so. That's the only reason why I prefer The Body Shop Oil a little more. This is a great cheap alternative though. This is so gentle and is great for sensitive skin and eyes and leaves skin feeling really refreshed, great when in warmer weather.

4) Mark Hill Holiday Hair Cover Up! Protection Spray 50ml £5.99 (Boots) 
I first used this product a few years ago on holiday and it made such a difference. It was when I had bleach blonde hair and it was so damaged anyway but I was still worried about exposing it to the sun. This helped make sure my hair did not get any more damaged or dry than it already was. This keeps your hair so moisturised and protects it from drying out and it protects your scalp too. It also has such a nice scent to it. However, everytime you get your hair/head wet you do have to reapply it. 

5) Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash £1.20 (Superdrug) 
This is such a bargain. I love all of Dove's products and this is no exception. This would be great when on holiday as your skin needs to be nourished and extra moisturised when it's been in the sun all day long and this would definitely do that. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and has such a lovely scent to it. It's gentle too so all skin types should be fine using this :).

6) Mitchum Advanced Women Flower Fresh 48hr Protection Anti-Perspirant and  Deodorant 200ml £2.99 (Boots)
I have never used a product that is both an Anti-Perspirant and a Deodorant before using this and I wouldn't use anything else now. This is so unique and keeps you feeling fresh for so long which is definitely what you need when you know you're going to be hot. It's definitely long lasting, it claims it will keep you dry for up to 48 hours which is pretty impressive but I'm sure you would shower before it got to 48 hours. I have to say though this does keep you dry all day and I feel like I don't even need to keep topping it up. Definitely one to pack!

7) Nivea Lip Tin Raspberry Rose £2.10 (Boots)
I have to say I actually prefer this one rather than the lip balm by Elizabeth Arden. The price of this one is soo good and the product is so creamy and soft, it makes your lips feel so moisturised. I also really like the scent, it makes me want to lick it off my lips haha I don't but I definitely could haha. This would definitely keep your lips moisturised throughout the day and it's only small so is convenient for travelling. I love this one!

Woah.... Such a long post haha. Finally got there though haha! Hope this has helped and given you an insight into things you can take on holiday no matter what your budget is! I would love it if you could vote for me, voting does close tomorrow at 1pm!
Let me know what products you like to take on holiday in the comments below :).
Much love,
Lucy x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Topshop The Face- The Concealer and The Concealer Palette

So this is my final post on my Topshop The Face collection! Remember it is out tomorrow! How exciting, I can't wait to do some shopping haha! So I was so excited when I saw The Concealer Palette as I think it's pretty unique, I can't think of a dupe or similar product as this and once again it's beautifully packaged. I wasn't as excited for The Concealer though just because I've never been wowed by a concealer before apart from Mac's Pro Longwear which I love.

The Concealer £10 
So for the price of this I definitely think you get quite a lot of product. I also like the fact that it is in a pump form as we all know I don't like to waste any product but I do wish it was in a glass bottle rather than plastic but that's not the end of the world haha. So I tried out the lightest shade which I actually thought was a pretty good match for my skin tone- sometimes being so pale it's hard to find a concealer that is light enough to highlight under your eyes but this one definitely does do that so I was very impressed. I found the consistency very similar to Mac's Pro Longwear and it was really easy to blend out. I have to say I love it and I don't often say that about concealers! It was quite lightweight but still had enough coverage to hide any dark circles and especially the dark parts of my inner eye (which mine are really dark so it did a great job). It did slightly settle into fine lines under my eyes as you can see in the picture below but I don't feel like it was very noticeable, I think the picture makes them look worse than they are haha. But you can see no trace of darkness around my eye! I definitely think this product is worth the money and I will definitely be purchasing a few of these because I found it so good. I found that it also covered blemishes well too so, double bonus!

The Concealer Palette £12

I have to say when I saw this palette I loved it! You know I love anything nicely packaged and for £12 I think it's an absolute bargain! This palette includes three shades so you can custom create the perfect shade of concealer for you. With me being so pale I couldn't use the two middle shades but I was more interested in using the yellow shade. It reminded me of the colour in the Anastasia Contour Palette although this one is a cream rather than a powder. Some people would think having a yellow shade is a bit bizarre but it's to help brighten the under eye area and I have to say this really did brighten my under eye area! The consistency was so creamy and felt really nice under my eye, wasn't too thick or cakey looking which is really important as no one wants that haha. The translucent powder is also a nice addition to the palette as it helps set everything in place and make sure it doesn't move throughout the day but I don't have anything special to say about it- very similar to any other translucent powder. However, I do think it's great to be included in this palette as then you don't need to reach for loads of different products, so convenient! I think this will be great for girls with a slightly darker complexion than my own as then you will be able to use all the shades but even if you are pale I would still invest in this simply for the yellow shade as I do think it is that good and for the translucent powder too. This would also be really convenient for those who travel as it's quite small but you have all you need concealer wise. I think this is going to become a staple in my makeup bag!
I'm so sorry the lighting in this photo isn't the best (I'm going to try and work on the lighting) but this is my eye with both The Concealer on and the yellow shade from the palette and set with the translucent powder. As I mentioned you can see some of my fine lines but I don't think they were really that noticeable in real life but there is no darkness around my eye or any little veins on my eyelid! I'm so impressed with these and these are the ones that I didn't think I would be so bothered about but I do really love these! For the price they are both an absolute bargain because they do actually work!

So this is my last post on The Face collection by Topshop! I've had the best time reviewing these and telling you all about them. Just another reminder they are out tomorrow so if you do buy any of these let me know what you think of them and how you are getting on with them! Also, if you have read all of my posts on these let me know which products you would like to try from this collection in the comments below!
Much love, 
Lucy x 
P.S I have a post which will be up tomorrow all about what beauty products to pack when going on holiday whatever your budget. I was asked to come up with something for a holiday hacks competition that ends on Friday and I would love for you to have a little look and vote for me (only if you want to!) I'll leave the link below :) 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Topshop The Face- The Foundation

So Topshop has gotten it right again! Another product that looks high end. Unbelievably this foundation is only £16! I know that is a bit more than some more common 'drugstore' foundations but I think the packaging alone is worth it. It is in a glass bottle which I always prefer rather than plastic it just feels nicer haha! Also it doesn't have a pump like most foundations, it has a pipette which makes it really unique as I have never seen a foundation that has this before but it is quite a good idea for saving product and not wasting it.
Now obviously with me having super pale skin this foundation is way to dark for me but I still wanted to review for you so you knew a little bit about it and what it's like before buying it :). So I really like the idea of the pipette it allows you to get out as little or as much product as you like without wasting product, so that's a bonus! With this foundation a little goes a long way, it is really easy to blend out and has a satin finish I would say. It doesn't have any particular scent which I don't mind as long as something doesn't have a horrible smell I'm not too bothered by it not having any scent. I would say this foundation would give medium to full coverage and you could definitely build it up to full coverage if you want a flawless look. I would definitely say that this was a light weight foundation, it didn't feel sticky or thick on my hand so I'm guessing it won't feel that way on your face. It does contain silicone in it which does help your face feel more smooth and help with that flawless finish.

Overall, I think this is definitely a great foundation to try if you like medium-full coverage. It comes in five different shades and has properties in it that help it match the tone in your skin. I will definitely be buying my shade in this! So if your interested in buying this remember that it comes out on Thursday- only 2 days left to wait!
Much love,
Lucy x

Topshop The Face- The Airbrush Primer and The Colour Correcting Primer

Back again :) and today I'm talking about Topshop's new primers which are available from this Thursday! They are releasing two different primers: The Airbrush Primer and The Colour Correcting Primer. So I absolutely love the packaging of these, I think it's so sleek looking and simple which I really like. I also think these are quite a reasonable size for the price- both of these are £12.

The Airbush Primer £12 

So this primer is specifically for those wanting to erase pores and hide any blemishes you have. It also includes photo reflecting particles which adds a glow to your skin- this is great if you like to have a dewy finish to your make up. However, even though I love the feeling of this on my face I like to look matte but that is easily sorted by adding some powder. I have to say this makes your face super smooth. It feels lovely and light on your skin, it doesn't feel greasy at all and absorbs into your skin very quickly. This one has no colour to it so won't help with any discolouration but I have to say it definitely helped with hiding my pores and the texture of my skin.

These are photos before the primer and after the primer with a bb cream on too. I definitely think this primer does what it says it will and you can see my spot is definitely a lot less noticeable- this was a good time to try these as I was having multiple breakouts... yay! I really do like this primer the only thing that is a con for me is the dewy effect but like I said you can easily add powder to counteract that. Definitely worth £12!

The Colour Correcting Primer £12

First of all I have to say I absolutely love this primer! I have said before I didn't used to understand all of the hype about primers but this one is amazing. If you are like me and have quite a lot of redness in your skin this totally hides any redness you may have. I haven't tried a primer like this before and I was a bit skeptical but this is my new favourite product. It also mattifies your skin and you know me - I'm all about the matte look. I totally could tell the difference in the finish of the two primers. I tried it before I read the box and I could tell my skin looked super matte once it had absorbed into my skin, so I checked the box and it did say it had mattifying properties and you can definitely tell.

Again these are photos without the primer and then with the primer with a bb cream on top. You can see it has taken the redness out of my cheeks and around the breakouts I had. So like The Airbrush Primer this one absorbs really easily, is not greasy feeling and is very light weight. 

Overall, I have to say I am very impressed with both of these primers. They both do what they promise to do and they both go a long way. It only took a little bit of each product to cover my whole face. Personally, I prefer The Colour Correcting Primer just because I like a matte finish. If you are a bit skeptical about primers or haven't found one that works for you I would definitely suggest trying one of these depending on the finish you like. They are both extremely good and actually work! 
Hope you have enjoyed this post, remember you can get your hands on these on Thursday 18th September! Also I will be writing my thoughts and opinions on The Foundation tomorrow so come back to find out about that! 
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Lucy x